“RealThinClient components” was a Borland Technology partner since February 2006, became CodeGear partner in the transition period and Embrcadero Technology Partner immediatelly after Embarcadero has completed their IDE Tools acquisition from Borland.

Being the Embarcadero Technolog Patner allows us to work closely with Embarcadero and make sure that the latest version of our products can be used with the latest versions of RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder Development Tools from Embarcadero.

Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd. was founded in March 2003 in Brisbane , Australia , by Simon Hunnisett and Dr Geoff Harris. The company’s main business is to develop the database engine NexusDB.

NexusDB was introduced in September 2003 and it quickly became known as the best database for the Delphi and C++Builder market. The Nexus Memory Manager product (another best of Delphi ) vastly improved on the built-in memory manager and solidified our reputation in creating advanced programming libraries. NexusDB version 2 improved on V1 with its groundbreaking SQL:2003 support, a first among Delphi database engines. The recently released NexusDB V3 further cemented their position as being the number one database provider for Delphi.

High performance cryptographic security library with support for both low level operations such as RSA and AES and higher level schemes such as SSL/TLS and S/MIME. Anything faster is either covered by patents, hardware or a major scientific break through.

>Open StreamSec Tools 2.1 are released under a BSD style license, available at sourceforge, with
updates for StreamSec Tools 2.1 sold separately. StreamSec Tools 2.1 can be used easily with the RealThinclient SDK to add SSL-TLS encryption to stand-alone RealThinClient Clients and Servers.

GenHelp creates help files for components created for Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, C# Builder as well as Visual Studio.NET.

It has a graphical user interface to allow fast editing of topic text. It can import Delphi Pascal source, C# source and C++ headers and source to create a basic help file to which you can add descriptive text. Source comments may be imported into the final help file, thus reducing documentation time. The resultant help file integrates into the IDEs giving full context sensitive help for your components and looks and feels like the IDE’s native help. Templates are used to allow users to customize the output for different IDE’s or customer requirements.

Peganza is a software company specializing in tools for Delphi programming, including Pascal. Our main products are Pascal Analyzer, for analyzing Delphi code, and Pascal Browser, to document Delphi code.

If you would like to create Components, Tools or Add-ons for the RealThinClient SDK, please contact us by E-Mail with some info about your company and product/idea.