ABOUT RealThinClient


DeltaSoft d.o.o.
Bratstva i Jedinstva 33a
40000 Savska Ves, Čakovec
Danijel Tkalčec
HR 58899471328


RealThinClient components development, marketing, sales and customer support are handled by “DeltaSoft” d.o.o. in Croatia, with Danijel Tkalčec as company CEO and main developer. “DeltaSoft” d.o.o. was founded in 1998, with main focus on software development. The development of RealThinClient components has started in November 2004. After more than six months of intensive development and testing, the first RealThinClient components have been released to the public in May 2005 and later renamed to “RealThinClient SDK”.

As the “RealThinClient SDK” was actively developed and improved over the years, it has grown into a very robust, flexible and feature rich component set, gaining the confidence of many companies and individuals World-wide. Today, the RealThinClient SDK has more than a thousand registered users and an active community with hundreds of developers using the components in all kinds of Projects – from small Mobile Apps to large Business Applications.


We have applied for the Borland Technology Partnership in December 2005 and have been accepted as a Borland Technology Partner on February 9th 2006. Borland Technology Partners(BTPs) are developers that use and support the latest versions of Borland products, actively marketing their products through trade advertising and the World Wide Web. After CodeGear (former Borland Developer Tools Group) was separated from Borland, we became a CodeGear Technology Partner. And after Embarcadero took over CodeGear, we became Embarcadero Technology Partners.

Being the Embarcadero Technology Partner allows us to work closely with Embarcadero to make sure that the latest version of all our components can be used with the latest versions of RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder Development Tools from Embarcadero.